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Albert Richardson is a self-taught photographer who first discovered his love for photography at the age of sixteen when his uncle brought him a Kodax Disc 4000 camera for Christmas. Albert started his photography career shooting birthday parties while simultaneously building his portfolio in weddings and high profile corporate events. It was at this point Albert Richardson Photography was born.


Albert is an accomplished photographer who aspires to be one of the best in the world just like his guide and role model Jason Lanier.


In 2017 Albert realised the importance of using the right equipment to get the best quality shots he could possibly achieve so he swapped out thousands of pounds worth of Nikon kit to Sony which he considered to be the better brand and more innovative to achieve the quality of work that he desired.


His experience to date, passion and professional approach to his work qualifies him to take on any challenge or project out there.


Albert completed a Jason Lanier Master Your Lighting and Creativity Advanced Photography Course, where he was taught advanced techniques of lighting with live models which allowed him to bring all of the different aspects and elements of the shoot together to create something really special. Albert worked closely with Jason on the direction, styling, posing and creativity of the shoot.


When Albert takes a break he likes to go to the gym, spend time with his family as well as watching photography YouTube Channels where he consistently learns about photography, lighting tips and techniques.

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